ACL Reconstruction Surgery at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute in Sycamore, IL

ACL Reconstruction Sycamore IL

ACL reconstruction is a surgical procedure designed to restore function to a severely torn anterior cruciate ligament. This strong band of tissue connects the thighbone to the shinbone and provides stability to the knee joint. ACL tears usually occur during intense physical activities that stress the knee, such as jumping, pivoting, and cutting (suddenly slowing down and changing direction). While this type of injury might sound devastating to an individual who is accustomed to being very active, it doesn’t have to be. The orthopaedic subspecialists at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute in Sycamore, IL, perform ACL reconstruction and other innovative techniques to help keep area athletes in motion.

At MOI, we believe in treating knee injuries as conservatively as possible, so we generally reserve surgery as a last resort. Prior to recommending an ACL reconstruction for a patient, we may advise him or her to try a course of physical therapy. The goals of therapy are to reduce pain and swelling, strengthen the muscles that support the knee, and increase range of motion. This approach can be effective for treating a torn ligament without the need for ACL reconstruction surgery, particularly for individuals who engage only in low-impact exercises and physical activities, or participate in sports that typically do not stress the knees. For our patients’ convenience, we offer a full range of rehabilitation services at our office in Sycamore, Illinois.

If several weeks of physical therapy and other nonsurgical treatments do not provide sufficient results, we may recommend ACL reconstruction for a patient who:

  • Wants to continue to participate in a sport that involves repetitive jumping, pivoting, or cutting, such as basketball, soccer, or tennis
  • Has damaged knee cartilage or injured another ligament in addition to an ACL
  • Is experiencing knee buckling during daily activities

When performing ACL reconstruction surgery, a surgeon will remove a damaged ligament and replace it with a piece of tendon (similar tissue) that was grafted from another part of the knee or provided by a donor. After carefully positioning the graft, the surgeon will secure it firmly to the surrounding bones with a specialized fixation device. Usually, ACL reconstruction is performed through a series of small incisions using a thin video camera (arthroscope) and tiny surgical instruments designed to access the joint space.

At MOI, we believe that general awareness on the part of an athlete, along with regularly performed strengthening techniques, can help him or her minimize the likelihood of injury and avoid the need for ACL reconstruction surgery. For expert guidance and advice, you can contact the experienced orthopaedists at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute in Sycamore, IL. We make it a priority to spend quality time with each patient.