Back Pain Treatment for Residents of DeKalb, IL & Surrounding Cities

Back Pain Treatment DeKalb ILBack pain treatment is one of the most common requests of individuals from DeKalb, IL, and nearby communities when they consult with the neuro/spine surgeon at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute. Our practice treats a wide range of conditions affecting the spine, spinal cord, brain, and peripheral nervous system, and we have special interest in addressing back pain, as well as scoliosis, spinal and brain tumors, and entrapment syndromes. With world-class credentials and a compassionate bedside manner, our physicians are well known and respected by their patients and peers throughout the area and beyond.

In most cases, back pain will resolve on its own or with at-home treatments, such as over-the-counter pain relievers and activity modification, over the course of several days to weeks. However, there are several underlying causes of back pain that may require further treatment. For instance:

  • Degenerative changes in the spinal components can occur along with the natural aging process and sometimes lead to painful conditions like osteoarthritis of the spine.
  • Over time, the intervertebral discs lose their water content, which makes them brittle and prone to rupture. Small tears can develop in the outer border of a disc, potentially allowing some of its inner gel-like material to seep outward into the spinal canal and exert pressure on sensitive neural tissue (a condition known as a herniated disc).
  • The muscles and ligaments that surround and support the spine can be strained or sprained as a result of repetitive motion or traumatic injury.
  • A forceful blow to the spine can fracture one or more spinal vertebrae.

The neuro/spine surgeon at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute has the skills and expertise necessary to perform highly complex surgical procedures, including minimally invasive spine surgery and microscopic neurosurgery, for patients from DeKalb and nearby Illinois communities. Even so, our goal is to treat our patients as conservatively and effectively as possible, so we will recommend that a patient begin back pain treatment with one or more non-surgical options that we determine to be appropriate. For instance, physical therapy can be a highly effective treatment for back pain. Our physicians work closely with MOI’s multidisciplinary rehabilitation practice, which features physical medicine and interventional spine physicians, licensed physical therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists, and other professionals who specialize in providing conservative treatments.

Contact Midwest Orthopaedic Institute to learn more about back pain treatment options and schedule a consultation with a spine specialist who treats patients from DeKalb, IL, and all surrounding areas.