Back Surgery for Residents of Rochelle, IL & Surrounding Areas

Back Surgery Rochelle IL

Back surgery can address various types of spinal damage caused by sudden trauma or ongoing wear and tear. However, the orthopaedic spine surgeons at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute – a specialty practice serving the entire Rochelle, Illinois, area – emphasize the conservative treatment of spinal conditions whenever possible. In fact, in the majority of cases, surgical intervention is unnecessary. But, if we determine that back surgery is appropriate for treating severe or debilitating pain, we can recommend the specific procedure that is best suited for a patient based on his or her symptoms, age, overall health, and lifestyle.

At MOI, individuals from Rochelle, IL, and surrounding areas have convenient access to a highly qualified spine specialist, and also can benefit from comprehensive, coordinated care without having to wait weeks for an appointment. Some of the common spinal conditions we treat conservatively, or with back surgery when necessary, include:

  • Low back pain
  • Mid back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Compression fractures
  • Herniated discs
  • Work-related injuries
  • Sports injuries

MOI offers a full range of non-surgical alternatives to back surgery, including physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and interventional pain management strategies. Additionally, our board-certified neuro/spine surgeon has the skills and expertise necessary to perform highly complex operations. These include arthroplasty, spinal fusion, microdiscectomy, disc replacement, kyphoplasty, and laminoplasty, as well as minimally invasive spine surgery.

Patients from Rochelle, IL, who are considering back surgery and other treatment options are encouraged to consult with the outstanding spine surgeons at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute. All of the orthopaedic experts in our practice have advanced beyond their specialty training and completed fellowships to become sub-specialists. Our narrowly focused approach to patient care is highly unique and sets us apart from other orthopaedic practices in the area. To learn more, please contact us today.