Broken Finger Treatment From Orthopaedic Hand Specialists Near DeKalb, IL

Broken Finger Treatment DeKalb IL

Broken finger treatment methods can vary based on the location and stability of a break. Not all finger fractures are painful, but even so, these injuries should never be ignored or thought of as superficial. Left untreated, a broken finger can eventually result in chronic pain and stiffness that interfere with basic tasks. If you’ve injured a finger, you can turn with confidence to Midwest Orthopaedic Institute near DeKalb, IL. Our orthopaedic hand specialists can quickly and thoroughly evaluate your condition and recommend an appropriate broken finger treatment plan to help you heal quickly and safely.

During your appointment with a physician at MOI near DeKalb, Illinois, you’ll be asked to explain what happened. Because finger injuries can occur in many different ways, it will be important for you to provide your physician as much detail as possible. For instance, you might have slammed a finger in a car door, broken a fall with a hand, or jammed a finger while catching a ball. Your physician will also thoroughly examine your finger and may order some imaging tests to further evaluate the type and extent of the break.

Broken finger treatment does not always involve surgery. If your physician at MOI recommends a conservative approach for you, it may involve:

  • Repositioning your broken bone
  • Splinting your broken finger to an adjacent finger for support
  • Applying a splint or cast to keep your broken finger in place and protect it as it heals
  • Monitoring your progress as your injury heals

On the other hand, a very severe finger fracture, such as a “skier’s thumb” injury, may require surgical broken finger treatment to realign displaced bones (this sometimes occurs when a skier falls onto an outstretched hand while holding onto a ski pole, which can create an intense force that stresses the thumb and tears a ligament). If surgery is recommended to address your finger injury, you can feel confident in MOI’s fellowship-trained surgeons, who have extensive experience in performing the latest surgical techniques.

To learn more about the broken finger treatment options available at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute near DeKalb, IL, contact us today.