Bunion Surgery for Patients from DeKalb, IL & Surrounding Areas

Bunion Surgery DeKalb IL

Bunion surgery may be performed to address a painful, bony bump that develops in the joint at the base of a big toe (the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint). Also known as a hallux valgus, a bunion can develop slowly as excess pressure – usually caused by wearing tight, narrow shoes – pushes the big toe inward toward the second toe and alters the structure of the foot. Individuals in DeKalb, and the surrounding Illinois areas who are interested in exploring bunion treatment options, including surgery, are welcome to consult with an experienced foot and ankle specialist at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute.

In most cases, bunion pain can be alleviated with non-surgical approaches. For instance, to reduce painful pressure on the MTP joint, it is important to always wear well-fitting shoes that have wide toe boxes. If necessary, anti-inflammatory medications can also be helpful. Corrective bunion surgery is usually considered only if the pain is severe or debilitating. During a personal consultation at MOI’s office near DeKalb, IL, our foot and ankle specialist can evaluate your foot structure, symptoms, overall health, and lifestyle to determine whether bunion surgery is appropriate for you.

Our foot and ankle specialist may recommend bunion surgery to address:

  • Foot pain and joint stiffness that interferes with daily activities, such as walking and wearing shoes
  • An inability to bend or straighten the big toe
  • Persistent swelling and inflammation of the MTP joint that doesn’t improve with rest or medications
  • A severe foot deformity (such as toes that cross over each other)

Bunion surgery can improve the positioning of the big toe by realigning the bones, ligaments, and tendons in the affected MTP joint. However, its primary goal is pain relief, and not cosmetic improvement. The procedure is not intended to – nor can it – create a “perfect foot.”

MOI offers highly individualized bunion treatments designed to help our patients return to full, active, and healthy lifestyles. Our multispecialty practice continues to grow as we attract physicians with world-class credentials and down-home bedside manners, allowing us to provide the most comprehensive orthopaedic care in the area.

Contact Midwest Orthopaedic Institute if you would like to learn more about bunion surgery and other treatment options available at our office near DeKalb, IL.