Distal Radius Fracture Surgery Performed by Fellowship-Trained Hand and Wrist Surgeon at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute in DeKalb, IL

Distal Radius Fracture Surgery DeKalb IL

Distal radius fracture surgery has several goals: to alleviate pain, reduce swelling, restore function, and ensure the proper healing of a cracked or broken wrist bone. Individuals who experience forceful wrist injuries from falls, car accidents, and sports-related mishaps in the DeKalb, Illinois, area can receive comprehensive orthopaedic care from the skilled and experienced hand and wrist specialists at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute.

After thoroughly evaluating the severity of a wrist injury, a physician at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute in DeKalb, IL, can determine whether distal radius fracture surgery is necessary or another form of treatment is appropriate. While some fractures are relatively simple and stable, with good bone positioning and alignment, others are inherently unstable, with bones that are badly displaced or shattered into multiple pieces. In severe cases, a bone fragment can sometimes penetrate the skin.

In addition to the nature of a fracture, other factors that can influence the type of treatment recommended for a broken wrist include a patient’s:

  • Age
  • Occupation, activity level, and lifestyle
  • Affected wrist with respect to hand dominance
  • Prior injuries or degree of wrist arthritis, if any
  • Bone density
  • Other health conditions

If a broken wrist bone is not displaced, the hand and wrist specialists at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute may recommend splinting or casting as an alternative to distal radius fracture surgery to help the bone heal in its proper position. To address more complex fractures, surgery may be necessary to stabilize an affected wrist bone with pins, screws, plates, or rods.

Whether or not a patient has surgery to repair a broken wrist, it is important to maintain the flexibility of the fingers on the affected hand. This can be accomplished through hand therapy, which is a highly specialized discipline. At Midwest Orthopaedic Institute, our onsite hand therapist is certified by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission, which requires years of experience and passing a comprehensive examination.

To learn more about distal radius fracture surgery and other treatment options for a broken wrist, contact Midwest Orthopaedic Institute. Individuals who live, work, and play in the DeKalb, IL, area can count on receiving individualized care from our outstanding team of orthopaedic experts and physical therapists.