Exercise Library

Shoulder range of motion

Active Assisted External Rotation with Cane

Active Assisted Flexion With Cane

Active Assisted Cane Shoulder Extension

Active Assisted Shoulder Extension With Cane

Active Assisted Internal Rotation with Cane

Closed Chain Pendulum


Table Bow

Towel Stretch for Internal Rotation


Doorway Pec stretch

External Rotation with Door Frame

Cross Body Stretch

Sleeper stretch

Shoulder Strengthening

Resisted External Rotation with Theraband

Resisted Internal Rotation With Theraband And Setup

Shoulder Extensions with Theraband

Standing Row

Shoulder Flexion Wedge Progression

Standing Flexion With Wall Assist

Standing Shoulder Flexion

Side Lying Shoulder External Rotation

Supine Shoulder Press Flexion

Jug Shake For RC Endurance

Lower Extremity Range of Motion

Standing Calf And Soleus Stretch

Half Kneeling Dorsiflexion Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

Quad Stretch

Bent Knee Fall Out

Hip Flexor Stretch

Pirformis Stretch

Standing ITB stretch

Lower Extremity Strengthening

Quad Sets

Glute Bridge

Supine Hip Flexion Straight Leg Raise

Side Lying Hip Abduction Straight Leg Raise


Standing Anterior Toe Reach

Box Stepdown

Unilateral Balance

Wall Sit


Blood Flow Restriction Squats

Theraband Ankle 4 Way

Heel/Calf Raise

Heel Slides

Side steps with TheraBand

Sidelying Clams

Abduction Isometric

Adduction Isometric

Spinal Movements

Lower Trunk Rotation

Side Lying Thoracic Rotation

Cervical Protraction/Retraction

3 Way Upper Trapezius Stretch

Core Strengthening

Pelvic Tilt

Dead Bug

Theraputty exercises

Theraputty Digit Abduction-Adduction

Upper Extremity Nerve Glides

Median Nerve Distal Glide

Median Nerve Glide

Ulnar Nerve glide

Ulnar Nerve glide with ball

Upper Extremity Active Range of Motion

Digit AROM blocking

Digit AROM Fisting

Upper Extremity Theraband Exercises

Elbow Extension Strap Stretch

Theraband Elbow Flexion Stretch

Theraband Forearm Rotation