Hand and Wrist Services

At almost every moment of the day, your hands are busy serving you. So when anything interferes with their function, the resulting incapacity can be acute.

Our Specialists can address a variety of hand and wrist disorders, including:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Pain caused by pressure on a nerve as it enters the hand through a tunnel in the wrist; often caused by repetitive motion, this problem can be addressed with non-surgical methods, such as medication, splinting, and rest; unresponsive cases can also be treated surgically. A diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome may follow testing the affected hand for numbness, tingling, weakness and/or pain in specific areas. Muscle and nerve conduction tests may also help affirm or rule out carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tendonitis of the wrist
Pain associated with the tendon that passes to the wrist from the thumb, usually caused by overuse or inflammatory disease; relief is sometimes provided by medication, stretching exercises, and/or splinting and rest; surgical treatments can also be applied.

Trigger Finger
Caused by an irritation of the sheath through which a finger’s flexor tendon passes; when the sheath swells, it restricts movement of this tendon so that it catches painfully, then releases like a trigger; may be treated successfully with anti-inflammatory medication but can require surgery in more severe cases.

Dupuytren’s Contracture
This hereditary disease causes tissue within the palm to thicken, forming anomalies under the skin that may make fingers contract into the palm; surgery is the recommended treatment, and it is usually successful, although problems may recur.

A degenerative disease that can cause stiffness, pain and deformity in the hands; often treated successfully with medication, especially in the early stages; severe cases may need surgery to correct deformations, restore function and ease pain.

Ganglion Cysts
Non-cancerous growths that arise from inflamed tissues, usually in the back of the wrist; although most cysts do not need treatment, painful or incapacitating cysts can be removed with a needle or surgically.

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