Hand, Wrist, and Upper Extremity Specialist Practicing at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute in DeKalb, IL

Hand and Wrist Specialist DeKalb IL

At Midwest Orthopaedic Institute in DeKalb, IL, our hand, wrist, and upper extremity specialist offers an array of treatment options designed to relieve pain and restore function. There are many bones, joints, and ligaments that comprise the hand and wrist structure. If something goes awry within this intricate arrangement, even the most basic daily tasks can become difficult. Whether you are dealing with osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or a fracture, you can confidently place your hands in ours. We’ll work with you to develop an effective and personalized treatment plan to get you where you need to be.

Hand or wrist pain can significantly impact your everyday life, and we understand that can be stressful and even frightening. Our goal is to ensure that, after you meet with our hand, wrist, and upper extremity specialist at our office in DeKalb, Illinois, you will leave feeling encouraged, educated, and well-positioned to make fully informed treatment decisions.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know when to consult with a hand, wrist, and upper extremity specialist. In fact, many people aren’t even aware that hand and wrist specialists exist – until they need one. Here are some examples of common symptoms that should be evaluated by an expert:

  • Prolonged numbness or tingling sensations
  • Joint pain in the hand or wrist
  • Swelling in the wrist or finger joints

For many people, conservative treatments like hand therapy are very effective for addressing symptoms like these. At MOI, many of our patients benefit from working with our on-site hand therapist, who is certified by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission. Additionally, patients who are surgical candidates and elect to proceed with operative treatment can confidently turn to MOI’s fellowship-trained surgeons, who have extensive experience in performing advanced surgical techniques. Our mission is to treat our patients with the utmost dignity and compassion, and to address hand and wrist conditions as conservatively as possible, reserving surgery as a last resort.

To meet with the hand, wrist, and upper extremity specialist at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute in DeKalb, IL, contact us to schedule an appointment.