Hip and Knee Services

Midwest Orthopaedic Institute is dedicated to the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of hip, knee and joint pain. Many patients who have undergone treatment have been able to resume a more active lifestyle because of reduced pain and discomfort in their hips and knees.

As a major weight-bearing joint of the body, the hip is subjected to considerable stress. If an injury or a disease such as arthritis should damage it, even simple, everyday activities can become very painful. Medication and rehabilitation therapy can often alleviate the problem, but sometimes they’re not enough.

Asian woman runner hold Knee Pain Human Leg jogging

As anyone who follows sports knows, knee injuries are common. Everyone is susceptible to knee problems, especially as age and the wear and tear of ordinary living can take a toll. Diseases, such as arthritis, can also play a destructive role.

MOI's Orthopaedic Specialists consider the individual needs of each patient, from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. We strive to provide patients with a comfortable setting within our Orthopaedic Centers of Excellence providing the following Hip and Knee procedures.

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